Nicholas Darker

Game Designer | Artist | Programmer


Level Design

My passion is to create puzzles using the environment and all the tools at the players disposal to promote creative problem solving while progressing along a linear path.


Ranging from Game Mechanics, Animation, Shaders, to QA and Web Development I enjoy creating the foundations of a world for players to engage with and get lost in.


From Professional Graphic Design, to Rigging 2D Avatars, to Digital Art I'm always growing my skills and approach to art and expression.

About Me

A Designer and Artist who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty Programming

I went to school for Computer Science & Game Design after being inspired by making minigames and maps in minecraft when I was younger.



After programming every day I fell in love with the opportunity to have creative input in level design and digital art. I am always learning and broadening my skills so that I can work alongside everyone on a team to bring our best work forward!

Contact Me

Email: [email protected]

Phone #: +1(647)-962-1645